Tuesday, January 18, 2011

African Agents and The Failed Education Institutions in Malaysia

The Begining of a Never Ending Tale

Year 2002 to 2006 saw the biggest boom in the Malaysian Education system as thousand of students trooped into the country on a weekly bases. Majority of whom are Africans and have been either decieved by an Agent in their respective countries or colleges in Malaysia. This deception takes many aspect, in terms of luring students who where formely destined to European or American countries through constatnt Advertisement of Malaysia on virtually all African networks at a rate of 3 to 7 Adverts per day. This is the most unfiair factors in the allready depicable situation the country has set herself on with regards to international students and their education system in general.

Come Live, Come Study and Come Work !!!

Where? In Malaysia? Sure the government those not say you cannot work if you happen to be a White or an Asian, but working for Black and in this case Africans is highly prohibited even in the Visa. It is boldly written on da visa page at the botton of your stamp. Holders of this Visa are not alowed to work or take up any professional Job in Malaysia.

But this is not the case of selfish Agents and Accademic institutions. The rate of this misdeamour was highly engineered by this two "deadly" couple of crime. The offer letters issued by the Coleges states that students are allowed to work, and also listed the kind of Jobs this students can do, including hourly rates and estimated pay. And i now ask, was this a mistake by the Accademic Institutions or a pure betrayal of trust as well as true selfish on the side of the Management? The answer is still unkonw till date from all researches i have been conducting.

What Actually Happens When You Enter Malaysia with An African Passport As A Student

Don't be fooled by the glitering lights that shines like gold at the KLIA International Airport, becuase your doom starts immidiately you come down from the plane. If you where 20 on Arival, there is a possibility of atleast 10 percent have been offered addmission by a fake/unaccredited University. See link for all the unaccredited Universities in the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unaccredited_institutions_of_higher_education. For those who have been offered addmission by an accredited University, you will be held for unecessary queries even after you have a valid payment slip for school fees and accomodation and not with any illegal or contrabound material. At the end of the day, don't be surpirsed that up to 20 percent of your arrival group will be denied Entry and sent back or jailed for no Valid reason. The answer is the same as when you apply for a Singapore tourist visa = "The reason is secret"..

Oh!.. did you excaped the imigration lure? Even da police neglegence? And the con men who are offering hotels and transports directly inside the airport? Wow, you must be lucky. But wiat a minute you hav'nt seen anything yet. Kl city is so corase and corrupt that if you leave any of your property and turn around, don't be surpirsed if it getz lost in a blink of an eye. Get ready for more insults from the police and citizens if your color is black. On my way to Sabah from Kl on arrival, I was searched three times, KLIA, LCT and KKIA. Three good times that required three good searching. Does that mean the security at KLIA is not enough? and there is no immigration service at LCT, i was search just coz i am black and the police even hit me hard when i tried to talk asking me to shot up. Me shot up? Nah!. Instead shot me dead..

Virtually every system in Malaysia will neglet you if you are a black.. When i say every system, i mean all of them, from A to Z. And if you happen to land safely in your home or hostel, then get ready for the real war. Conspiracy has been a booming force in their attacks against foreigners, especially blacks. A girl will conspire to be your Girl friend with her uncle that works with the polcie. Then the next thing you know is while listening to music with your Gf, the police knocks at your door without anybody calling them, and the girl starts to crying saying you where forcing her for sex, just like that and you will be in jail that night. 10 thousand USD or more and you are due to be out, if not you will remain their forever..

I just don't know how many to mention and how many to leave behind..
if i continue i can write more words than google have on their database. so i leave the space for comments so that people can comment and share their own ideas..

So ensure to be carefull if you are holding any African passport and wanna come over for studies or whatever.. just follow the correct track and do researches carefully..


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