Monday, January 31, 2011

Scam Baiting - Some Great Job gone Ugly

Scan Baiting Defined

It is very easy to understand the philosophy behind the scam baiting term. Generaly, it is a combination of two letter word's Scan "fraud" and Bait "setting trap". Thus, scam baiting is a way to set trap for scammers with the intention of getting more information from/about them.

Why Scam Bait?

Clearly, they are many reasons to scam bait, but the main objectives are either, to prevent scammers from harming potential victims, to waist the resources and time (cost of scaming) of scammers, to learn more information about scamming so that the public will be more aware or just for fun.
Depending on which one you choose to undnertake, the principle is allways the same, pretend like you are interested (a victim) and let the fraud star/scammer do the talking, while you get all the information you need.

Benefits of Scam Baiting

Without doubt, they are many benefits of scam baiting  according to my research which could include from protecting innocent individuals from becoming victims, convincing scammers to change their attitude, improvement customer and company relationship, reducing the list associated with damage to company images and the benefits includes all other values related to making the world a better place to be..


Bold letter? Well if jesus did not die for us who else would have? me? i definately wont accept. The most common Disadvantage of scam baiting is impersonation. Impersonation can generally be reffered as a means of representing false information about other people with the interntion of portalying negative images about them. According to my research (which is still on going) i have found out that while 80 per cent of stories associated with Scam baiting might be real, 20 per cent of them are actually an act of imppersonation.

This is mainly due to the fact that scammers tend to use other people's information to avoid  being caught, these information can range from an ordinary picture copied from your social networking site, to a phising website developed with the intention of replicating your own website, to all other acts of impersonation. While big companies such as Facebook, Blogger, Google and other social network sites take this issue serious becuase of the consequences the company might suffer in the legal system, Small (so called virtual companies) companies run from the bedroom sofa are not likely to take this case serious. This is becuase they have no physical evidence.

If you have read my other blogs you will understand what i mean by physical evidence. It can be defined as a medium through which companies can be reach for personal assistance within the environment. E.g you can find Google, Blogger, Ebay, Facebook in their headquaters, but the so called organisations and some discussion forums have no physical evidence (real location), thus making their virtually invisible and un-sueable (if i may use dat word) since they cannot be identified. This allows them to brag from their rooms and fell like king, but Whois has been a helping hand in atleast finding the location where the websites are hosted from.

Once inpersonated, you can easily contact companies with physical evidence and get them to remove the post once you provide them with evidence to show that you are being impersonated, and i am sure from experience and research (Facebook, Blogger etc) will sure do that if they finaly find out that you are being impersonated. Nevertheless, that will not solve the problem of blogging forums, websites from from doorsteps or other sorth of incriminating media. The best way is to "Keep quite, and relax your mind" remain focused on yourself becuase i can guarantee you, if you did not do anything wrong you will never be help responsible. The person might have impersonated your identity but your value is intact. The only person that can destroy your value is yourself.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is be safe and stay away from any possible web phising sitez, spyware and virus that might hinder your online secuirty measure..

More topics related to this will be out after my research

share your impersonation story and sites associated with me
i am building a website to compile all the researches and all the people who have been wrongly accused accross the globe..

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